Band Program

Western Canada High School has a tradition of excellence in the offering of its instrumental music programs. We are proud to say that annually we have over 250 students who enrol in our instrumental music program and perform as proud members of the Western Canada High School Band Program. Within our program we have three preforming concert bands. The Grade 10 Concert Band, The Grade 11 Symphonic Band and the Grade 12 Wind Ensemble. Each ensemble is a featured performance ensemble open to students with previous experience in instrumental music. The band program courses exist as co-curricular to complement our outstanding academic and other co-curricular and extra-curricular programs.

Yearly students in the band program work extensively with professional musicians from across North America to build on their individual musical skill set. In addition the various ensembles in the Band Program partake in fall band camps to Banff and Caroline AB and participate in an annual spring music tour across North America. Finally, our band and choral programs have the outstanding opportunity to perform our annual Winter and Year End Concerts at the Jack Singer Concert Hall which is a world class performance venue.

Students enrolled in the Band Program receive 5 credits for the following full year courses that operate in the AM scheduled block twice a week. The operation of these courses in the AM block allows our outstanding student population the opportunity to take these courses without running into any conflicts within their day block schedule. Each course can be used towards Western Canada High School’s Professional Development In The Arts Certificate.

Instrumental Jazz Program

The Jazz program at Western includes options for grade 10,11 and 12 students in both instrumental and vocal performance. Junior Jazz Band, Senior Jazz Band and Jazz Singers rehearse in the PM block after school twice a week. They also perform within the school, in the community, at festivals and on trips. Students choosing to take Jazz must also be enrolled in a large performing band or choir.

Choral Program

Western Canada High School has a history of excellence in choral music. We have two performing concert choirs and a vocal jazz ensemble with interest in expansion. All our choral groups are given opportunities to develop their singing techniques, choral skills, and team skills by rehearsing repertoire for performance. We bring in clinicians from around the country and the United States to work with all of our choral groups.

Students taking choir at Western take the course for the whole year. Students enrolled in performing ensembles receive 5 credits that can be used toward Western Canada High School’s Professional Development in the Arts certificate. Each ensemble rehearses twice a week. The concert choirs meet in the mornings before school and the Jazz Singers meet after school.

Electronic Music Program

We are proud at WCHS to be able to host the outstandingly unique offering of Electronic Music that we do. This course is for students with and without previous music experience. It offers the opportunity to learn experience and apply music in a variety of electronically produced forms. Students work in a MAC based lab with state of the art composition, sequencing and sampling software such as: Propellarlhead’s “Reason”, Digital Performer, Garage Band, “Musition” and Sibelius. If you are interested in a wide variety of music and have lots of experience or no experience at all this program is for you.